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Our Dales Photos

Jazz Title
JazzSex: Female
Activity: My favorite activities include playing with my buddy Doster, chasing snakes, and eating blackberries!!! I seem to have a keen sense of adventure!!!
I have only been snake bitten TWICE!!!

Regan Title
ReganSex: Male
Activity: I am the “Brute” of the bunch and a very proud Sire!! Along with Windsor, it is my duty to father our beautiful pups!! I also take pride in guarding and protecting the kennel!!

Mandy Title
MandySex: Female
Activity: I am proud to be one of New Point’s new moms.

Sassy Title
SassySex: Female
Activity: I have produced some of the most beautiful puppies!! How many do you see below?

Wendy Title
WendySex: Female
Activity: I am the youngest female of our wonderful group!! I am looking forward to joining my peers in birthing the highest quality pups for our friends and customers!!

Duchess Title
DuchessSex: Female
Activity: Obviously, I am very proud to be a mother to so many wonderful Airepups!! I take the greatest pride in providing the highest quality offspring.

Millie Title
MillieSex: Female
Activity: I’m always alert. Nothing gets by me!

Walker Title
WalkerSex: Male
Activity: I am a new stud dog at the New Point Kennel. I love being part of this family.

Winfield Title
WinfieldSex: Male
Activity: I am one of New Point Kennels latest stud dogs, I will be sharing the responsibility of siring some of our beautiful pups.

Cassie Title
CassieSex: Female
Activity: I am one of New Point Kennels future prospective Moms.

Ivey Title
IveySex: Female
Activity: Ivey, as you can see, is a real sport! Here, she is ready to go for a ride. She will make a great mom.