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Comment 35

Comment 35

Hi Frank,

Since it was her litter’s birthday yesterday, I thought you might like to see some pictures of Tallulah.

She’s grown up to be quite the little lady, still a little mischievous but I love that about her. Tallulah no longer has to stay in her crate while we’re not at home and for the most part stays out of trouble with free roam of the house. She’s also a smarty pants, Tallulah can open doors and cabinets and I’m pretty sure she knows half of the English language because she understands everything I say, though she doesn’t always listen. I may be guilty of indulging her a little too much so she can get away with pretty much anything and she knows it. I often say I feel like I have a toddler again because there are so many similarities. She keeps me on my toes!

We are enjoying her so much and she was definitely the right addition to our family. She’s a favorite at the vet and always gets compliments on her temperament.

I hope you and your family and all the pups are doing well!

-Kerri Ortiz

Comment 34

Hello Frank and Jenny,
Buster just celebrated his 8th birthday and still acts as a playful puppy. He is such a part of our family and so very entertaining. When we are out with him, everyone comments on how handsome he is ! I must share a story about Buster with you. He has learned to open french doors and has been known to go to neighbors houses and open doors. Well, one day he escaped from our house and went to a nearby subdivision. He opened the front door of a stranger’s house and the family found him walking around inside their house as if he lived there. Luckily, the family were dog lovers. They fed him steak and cooked him bacon which made him very happy. They fell in love with him and bought an airedale puppy!

— Lisa

Comment 33


Today is Jasper’s 9th birthday. He is still like a pup and gives Sherman as good as he gets. We love him so much. He is a very special dog and I just wanted to thank you for providing such a wonderful family pet. Don’t get me wrong, we love Sherman and all our other pets but Jasper is very special. Please give our best to Jennie and hugs to your pup family.

-Nancy and John Collaro

P S…We refer to Jasper as our Southern gentleman and Sherman as our clown…he is so dorky at times!

Comment 32

Thought I would let you know that me and Buck are still alive. He turns 12 in April. Best dog I ever had. We spend the winters in The Villages in Florida where Buck acts like a 2 year old. Belle, our 6 year old ESS is with us. Hope all is well with you.


Comment 31

So happy that the Freemans are still in business and breeding such great Airedales…

Maui is absolutely precious…and is a “calling card” for your business and the Airedale breed…not a day goes by that we are not asked about what breed of dog she is and where she came from…

Here is a pic of her in action, riding around town in our old Montero and getting everybody’s attention…

Thanks again!

—Tom Roberts

Comment 30

Hello Frank and Jenny!
We hope this finds you in good health and great spirits. Our Bishop has grown to be a beautiful dog as you can see in the attached photograph. He is smart and quick and brings us lots of joy. His brother, Alfa, a Golden mix, is quite entertained by Bishop and his antics.

I was thrilled a few weeks ago, to see a young couple walking an Airedale puppy in Ellijay, Georgia. When I asked who the breeder had been, of course it was you! I don’t remember the name of the parents, but she was a pretty little girl for sure.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

—Teresa and Jon

Comment 29

It’s Huck Nicola in Tampa, FL and I wanted to reach out and put my name on the list again for a male puppy or even if you have some that are under 1 year. Your Airedales are absolutely the best I’ve ever come across in beauty and personality.
We are getting to celebrate FINN’s (FINN STAR NICOLA) birthday on 9/9 as he turns 1. He has turned out to be absolutely perfect, well trained and the kids love him and his personality is larger than life.

—Dale Bowles

Comment 28

We bought Champ from you eight years ago and we live in Alpharetta ga. He has been awesome. I will definitely get our next Airedale from you. Do you anticipate any larger males in the future?When I saw you 8 years ago you mentioned breeding with a larger male. Thanks again for Champ, he has been a blessing.